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Don't let small stuff keep you away from big opportunities

Ten wild horses can't make me say

If anything here can make you eager to take a mega bite of the future
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Don't let anyone mislead you
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Between the lines

''The people who don't read Between the lines, are no better off than those who can't read Between the lines'' - Leo Tolstoy
''Don't believe everything you see on the internet'' - Alexander the great / Alexander Selkirk
''Take it easy, but take it, sooner or later'' - Hemming

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You can just try to call me a real klamphugger, because my little sister has told me that it's a nickname for an incompetent craftsman and is no longer perceived in the same way as when men were made out of steel and ships were made out of wood, according to their own statements, and a real klamphugger, as I was called many places in the world, was one who built ships without blueprints. Now that's said, straight out, if you call me a real klamphugger, then it's directly out in the cold.

You may call me Hemming, that's OK with me and my wife Ola.